Nothing Says Rustic Like Handmade Wood Features

Order custom railings or furniture from Mainly Logs in Ellensburg, WA and the surrounding Pacific Northwest

Carpentry features just aren't made like they used to be. Fortunately, Mainly Logs creates custom log furniture and railings designed to stand the test of time and add personality to any space.
We take pride in providing unique pieces for clients within 100 miles of Ellensburg, WA. Every piece we make is precisely measured and hand-hewn from locally sourced logs, and we know you'll be impressed with the finished product.
Contact us today to order custom furniture or railings for your home or business.

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From the forest to your front porch

It takes a lot of work to turn a tree trunk into custom railings, but here's a simplified version of our process:

  • First, we'll either use local forest wood or wood purchased from a mill in northern Idaho that uses an exuder press to create posts and rails that are the same diameter from one end to the other, while stripping the bark.
  • Next, we'll sand, skip peel, or hand peel with a draw knife to give you the exact finish you are looking for.
  • Next, we'll stain and/or lacquer your railing upon request with the price to be quoted ahead of time.
  • Finally, we'll install your log railings. One installation option that helps preserve your railing is metal caps. Ask us about them when you call.

Custom railings are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Call 509-968-3730 now to discuss your design ideas with owner Charlie Favero.

Serving Ellensburg, WA and the Greater Cascade Area

We put passion into every project

As a kid, Charlie Favero had no idea that working for his uncle, who was a homebuilder, would spark a lifelong interest in carpentry. After spending several years in the construction industry, he branched out to take over Mainly Logs in 2012.

Charlie continues to maintain the company's stellar reputation and provide custom log furniture and railings to clients in the Ellensburg, WA and Pacific Northwest area.